St. Finbarr’s Church RPS 00746

Client Name
Catholic Diocese of Cork & Ross

Design Team
Denis O’Sullivan & Associates

Project Description
During the major refurbishment and repair works completed at St. Finbarr’s Church, the church remained closed to the public during the week and opened only for mass services at the weekend for the full duration of the project. The sensitive nature of this project required huge attention to detailing and a phasing strategy which would minimise disruption to the church’s activities. Extensive refurbishment works included specialist external stone cleaning, Copper flashing wrapped around the stone corbel to prevent future cracking. Re-pointing all external stone work and inspection of Bell Tower and make good any defects or blemishes. New lobby entrance erected therefore existing mouldings were removed and replaced by new mouldings which are to match existing. New archway formed in existing main lobby entrance to match the arches used on two sides. Original seating layout changed with some seats were beyond repair so new seats were produced to match existing.

Completion Status
Delivered on time and on budget