Doneraile Court & Gate Lodge RPS No: 00064

Client Name
Office of Public Works

Design Team
Office of Public Works & David Kelly Partnership

Project Description
This project consisted of the restoration of bay windows, doors and external masonry. The bay windows were all generally in significant states of disrepair. The metal sheeted roof coverings and timber support structures were generally badly deteriorated, window frames were very poor and in some instances the plinth walls were damaged or missing. Outer lintels for the bay windows were replaced with pre-cast concrete lintels and plastered over with a lime based render. All sliding sash windows on the east elevation had exposed timber lintels externally in various stages of deterioration which were replaced. The arched entrance gate was rebuild. Works carried out on the Gate Lodge included providing disabled access to the gate lodge and replacing the railings surrounding the building with new black steel railings in keeping with the existing surrounding railings.

Completion Status
Delivered on time and on budget